Friday, August 23, 2013

Buttercup redux

The black honda Fir rolled to a stop at the dusty pullout off Little Sleeping Child Road. "Warwick's here now. That make five of us. Is that enough to get the job done?"
"Yeah, with Rob and Cory with we have a solid crew."
"Warwick, you're late."
"Sorry, I wasn't planning on coming. Then the smoke cleared enough for me to see across the valley and I changed my mind at the last minute."
"Same with me"
"I ran into Dean at work and he said that because of the smoke, he was going to play volleyball with his girlfriend."I told him he was undergoing pussification. He didn't seem to like that."
"I guess no one else is coming I guess we better get going. Everyone knows their role.  Without Dean, Jeff can take point. I'll take clean up."
"I heard Jeff is getting a new bike."
"Which Jeff?  Knolly Jeff or Jeff Jeff."
"Jeff Jeff"
" Hey Jeff, What are you getting?"
"An Endorphin"
"Crap, that means you and Knolly Jeff will both be Knolly Jeff. How will we tell you apart when we're talking about you?"
"What color?"
"Raw with orange accents. I couldn't go with yellow since it would look like your bike, and if I went with blue it would be confused with Eric's"
"Hey Warwick, I think this road climb is where we first came up with the concept of Warwicks. 'Just a couple miles of road until we hit dirt'."
"Joel told me he was planning on riding today.  He's actually in town for three weeks between Alaska and middle fork trips."
"Well Nancy is our of town, so he probably felt he should stay home and do the chores."
"Totally sissified.  No worries we'll make sure we do Sleeping Child next week. We know how much he loves that."
"Where's Chad?"
"He said he's still feeling lazy since the Fitz-barn."
"At the fork should we ride the road or the single track?"
"Well we rode the road last time.  There was too much snow on the ridge for the trail."
"Might as well ride the trail, We need to make the ride a little different."
"Do we have enough time?"
"Sure it's only an hour down once we get to the top. We should have light until quarter till 9. Anyway I  figured Buttercup late August, I brought my lights."
"You remember that one time we brought those Missoula yahoos along and they were way over their head, and Tim ended up dragging them out in the dark around midnight.  Well I ran into one of them at the Barn the other day, and the story doesn't end there. If you remember one of them was night blind, so he couldn't drive. Well the other one had some restriction on his license that kept him from driving at night, but he was anyways.  So of course they got pulled over and thrown in jail until they could get bailed out."
"Caballero, why all the dialog."
"Well Elmore Leonard died Tuesday, and he believed that dialog should drive the story, and that fancy word play just gets in the way of the story. He also said don't write about the weather and when writing dialog, only use 'said'. No hoarse whispers, shouts, or exclamations.No barely intelligible murmurs, or sultry coos."
"So should we really make Sleeping Child the ride next week."
"I would, but I guess we should be generous and plan on Bear Creek Overlook."

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