Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blodgett Canyon

Yesterday was Wednesday which means that some of us must have ridden bikes. Although for a moment in the early afternoon a major gully washer put the possibility of the ride in doubt. Enough that that there was even an email blast to try and get the ride cancelled, whether from the rain or just as an excuse to avoid riding Blodgett I'm not sure.  Like they always do, the cumulonimbi rolled back out leaving blue skies by 5:30. So some of us, approximately six in number showed up to see how much damage we could to our bikes.

I have been avoiding Blodgett so far this rear; a little apprehensive to find out of if Ibis Mojo HD plastic bike was as tough as Ibis claimed. Blodgett Canyon is a geological marvel. It is marvelous that for the entire duration of the ride there are no soft spots to land. 

Blodgett is the antithesis of the current rage that trails have flow.  Speed is not the goal here. Learning balance, body english and line choices are more important. Most of us use the same granny gearing going down that we used on the climb up.

Riding up the trail trying to avoid bodily harm, I was reminded of an experience the previous day at the 
Bitterroot Aquatic Center with my kids and the lifeguards attempts to keep us safe.  Diving into the deep end. "Tweet, no diving allowed." "Tweet, no jumping in the shallow end." "Tweet, you are too big for the foam fish."  Tweet,  Get away from the ropes." "Tweet, no kids in life jackets in the deep end." "Tweet, no food by the pool."  "Tweet, no having fun."  Usually, having teenage girls in bikinis whistling at me is positive experience. Not that day.  I understand that the pool is packed with kids and the concept at swimming at a swimming pool is a novel concept during "open swim,"  and it is probably not wise to let teenagers use a little judgement, as if they had some, in enforcing rules, but jeez, mellow out a little. 

Usually the trail and rocks are enough of a challenge. This year we had the added fun of an overflowing Creek flooding the trail.

We only made it to the bridge this year.  Zeus or Thor or possibly the ionization of the air by the collision of ice crystals with graupel  let us know that another squall line was headed our way.  Turning back I was reminded of the eternal words of Thomas Hobbes, "nasty, brutish and short." 

The whole quote is a little longer. "The life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." Poor maybe ,  especially if you like carbon fiber. Solitary, not if ride Wednesday nights. Wet definitely.

Chad may be poor, since despite our best efforts, we didn't break anything.  The plastic bike survived the trial by granite.

No helmet cam video this week. Had a camera malfunctions.  Current rumor is Calf Creek to Butterfly next week. Hopefully Jeff will be around to help find the trail back down.

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